Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hi there real goss for the Penrith girls as yet...I will once I get the photos from the photographers that went up the coast with the Number 2 Pennant players, but.....we now have 4 followers....Welcome to Pauline and Michelle...along with Yvonne M.....yippee!!!lets see if we can make it 10 followers by the end of next week...And again, if anyone needs any help in regards to the blog, please feel free to come and ask me...I'll be only too happy to help you.....

Until next time, take care and happy bowling....good luck to those of you competing in any competitions in the following week too...


  1. J.ust a quick message to Carol and Mandy to wish them all the best for tomorrow good bowling girls

  2. Thanks Neale...aka Michelle...we had cancel it today due to rAIN, BUT WILL BE HELD ON THURSDAY...